About us

Service Times

Sunday morning service – 10:45 AM

Sunday School – 9:30 AM

Sunday Night – 6:00 PM

Our Mission

As followers of Jesus Christ, our mission has been laid out by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. There Jesus says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” In light of this, our mission is to make the name of Jesus known throughout all the earth because there is no other name under Heaven by which man may be saved. We have been placed in Allons, Tennessee to bring glory to God here and to the ends of the earth. We want all people to know the joy and hope we have in a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus.

Our History

Allons Baptist Church was founded in 1893 in Mill Creek, which is now a part of Standing Stone State Park. Initially, the church was called Mill Creek Missionary Baptist Church. In 1898, the church moved to the Altona community which later became Allons. In 1916, the church had its own place of worship, the one-room white frame facility was a dream come true. In the 1920s, the outdoor baptistery was built at the cost of eighty dollars. The church later changed its name to Allons Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. It was in the late 1930s that the church started making plans for a larger facility. The old building had long served its purpose and was inadequate to meet the need for increased attendance. In May of 1942, the new facility was complete and had a new name; Allons Baptist Church. This was the highlight in the 1940s as the building had electricity, which removed the need for oil lamps as well as providing other numerous benefits. In the 1950s, new classrooms for Sunday School were added at the rear of the sanctuary. This gave room for the children and youth classes. In the mid-1960s, another building program was completed as more classroom space was needed while growth continued. The was in the form of a brick building located to the left of the sanctuary. It is referred to as the “educational” building. In the early-1970s, another educational building expansion was needed to provide classes and a modern kitchen for fellowship meals. It was connected to the rear of the first educational building and both paralleled the sanctuary. In 1982, our present sanctuary was completed after much planning, prayer, work, and dedication.