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Bereavement Meal Team Needed

An additional team is needed to help prepare and serve meals during times of bereavement in the church family. (We currently have 2 teams.)  By alternating between the teams it is usually only necessary to prepare food for this very appreciated ministry every few months. When a family is grieving the loss of a loved…


Watch for news about an upcoming Bible Study for this Spring!

Secret Sister Sign-ups

Ladies, we will be drawing names and getting to know our “sisters” a little better through the Secret Sisters pair-ups happening soon! Please pick up the participation forms(located on the table near the rear entrance).  Return them to the special Secret Sister box on that same table as soon as possible. We will be exchanging…

Good News Club

A “club” for all kids(Pre-K through youth) that meets every Weds., 5-7 p.m.  A meal is served at every club meeting!  Please pray for the kids, the leaders and those transporting and feeding the kids.  Everybody ought to know Who Jesus is!

One time Mission March

In just 3 weeks, on Sunday, February 12th, we will be giving to our annual missions offering.  Rather than repeatedly ask for donations every few weeks during the year, Allons Baptist has decided to pray and give to ALL missions causes early in each new year. We do this near Valentine’s Day to show our…

Women’s Ministry/Women’s Missions

There will be no meeting in January. Signups for the secret sister will b e held next month, so pick. Up the instruction page participation sheet soon! (They are located on the table near the rear entrance to the church.)

Read the Bible Through in 2023!

 Pastor and Ms. Linda have provided a guide to reading the Bible through in the New Year.  Please pick one up so you won’t miss a single day of enjoying God’s Word in a meaningful way!  What a difference it will make in our lives if we commit to faithfully taking in His Word regularly!

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